Renal cancer: Localised and locally advanced

  • Location:
    Warsaw Halls
  • Chairs:
     M.P. Laguna, Amsterdam (NL)
     H. Özen, Ankara (TR)
Utility of nephrometric scores in kidney cancer surgery
 S.D. Brookman-May, Munich (DE)
Perfusion/reperfusion injury following ischemia for nephron sparing surgery
 G. Janetschek, Salzburg (AT)
DEBATE: Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: Rest in peace?
Point of view of robotic surgeon (Video)
 A. Mottrie, Aalst (BE)
Point of view of laparoscopic surgeon (Video)
 J. Rassweiler, Heilbronn (DE)
Point of view of open surgeon (Video)
 H. Van Poppel, Leuven (BE)
Tumour enucleation vs partial nephrectomy: Long term results (Video)
 A. Minervini, Florence (IT)
Avoiding complications and troubleshooting during robotic partial nephrectomy (Video)
 V. Pansadoro, Rome (IT)